Mobile API and App
APIs are rapidly becoming the "face" of online business.   The "Apps" that leverage these APIs are rapidly
becoming the primary means of delivering business value to web connected client communities.   APIs and
mobile Apps are increasingly becoming a key success factor for every online business.

Today, Vektrel is providing innovation and leadership in mobile API and App design for both commercial sector
and military sector web organizations.   Contact us to discuss how Vektrel can help position your business for
success in the new App Economy.   
Within recent years, the proliferation of powerful
mobile devices and applications ("Apps") has
revolutionized the way that online businesses
deliver value to client communities. This is a
strategic trend that few online businesses can afford
to ignore.  

Vektrel has been at the forefront of this strategic
shift in online business value delivery.  Our many
years of experience in Service Oriented Architecture
(SOA) design has positioned us as a leader in
translating business services for consumption in the
rapidly growing mobile App Economy.   

Success in the App Economy begins with
understanding how to decompose business
functionality into Application Programming Interfaces
(API) that are both powerful and simple to use.   It
extends to understanding how to field API designs
that will be readily adopted by the rapidly growing
community of mobile App developers. It requires an
understanding of successful API design and  the new
business models that monetize their value.