IT  Professional  Staffing
You Know ...
Vektrel is an IT solutions engineering company that provides IT staffing as an important ancillary service.  Staffing
es alone cannot compete with Vektrel's IT professional staffing services.  Consider the Vektrel difference ...   

Understanding Technology - Vektrel designs and builds IT solutions.  We understand the underlying technology
and challenges behind your IT goals.  Before we consider any staffing candidates, we establish an understanding of
your "technology and project context" (i.e.: an understanding of your unique technical, project and strategic goals
and challenges).  We then leverage our expertise and experience as an IT solution builder to select, vet and
position the optimal candidates for your IT solution engineering needs.
As an IT decision maker, you understand that IT initiatives
are often costly investments in your company's competitive
future.   You know
from hard earned experience that the
right IT talent can make or break your return on those
investments.   You know that finding the right IT talent is a
critical success factor in any IT effort.  

From your hard earned experience ...
The  Vektrel  Difference
  • You know staffing companies do not understand
    technology and cannot understand your needs.
  • You know that finding the IT professionals you need  
    requires understanding the underlying technical goals
    and challenges those professionals must address.
Understanding Projects - As an IT solution engineering company, Vektrel understands IT projects.   We
understand that every IT professional is part of an interdependent project team with a mix of skills and
responsibilities.  As we select the optimal candidates for your needs, we leverage our IT project team building and
IT project leadership experience to ensure the candidates we provide integrate seamlessly and effectively with your
unique project team dynamics.
Vetting Expertise and Experience - It takes IT solution engineering experience and expertise to properly vet any
IT professional.   Before any candidate is presented for your consideration, they are first subjected to Vektrel's
internal IT technical vetting process (the same process we use to vet talent used within our own IT projects).  
Vektrel's IT engineering community vets each candidate to ensure their technical skills and experience are
exceptional and in-line with your unique technology and project context.   No staffing company can hope to offer
this level of service in IT professional vetting.  
Proven Talent - In most cases, the IT professionals that Vektrel submits for your consideration are the same
proven performers we use internally within our client IT engineering projects.  With over 50 years of collective
experience in the IT services industry, Vektrel's founders have access to a large pool of exceptional IT engineering
talent (over 85 strong).   All IT professionals submitted for client consideration are vetted by our community of
proven performers to ensure expertise and experience align with your needs.  
Requirements Refinement - At Vektrel, we listen to our clients and leverage our IT engineering know-how to help
our clients accurately and clearly define the skills and expertise they need for specific positions and projects.  Our
IT professionals can help ensure that your project staffing requirements are properly defined and aligned with your
technical and project needs.  
We Respect Your Time - When you work with Vektrel, ... you know you will never again waste your time sifting
through resumes or interviewing unqualified candidates.  With Vektrel, .. you know you will always be working with
candidates that are selected and pre-vetted by a proven community of IT professionals who select candidates
based on a deep understanding of your unuque  technology, project and strategic IT goals and challenges.  
With Vektrel, you know your getting your IT professionals ... from IT professionals.
Peace of Mind - When you work with Vektrel, ... you know you are working with a full-service IT solution
engineering provider.  Aside from professional staffing, you know Vektrel is at your side when the going gets
tough.   We stand by our clients, ready to move quickly in helping to design, build, test and deploy any portion of
your IT business solutions.    
Strategic IT Professional Hiring
Hiring that one strategic IT professional has never been more difficult.  The wrong person can be a costly mistake.  The
stakes are high, the talent pool is small and the hiring environment is highly competitive.   Given the specialized nature
of these placements, HR departments have little hope of navigating these waters and understanding the requirements,
stakes and challenges associated with finding the right people.   Vektrel can make the difference.

Let our IT professionals ... find your IT professionals.  

All the points raised above apply equally well to finding optimal candidates for your strategic IT
placements.  Vektrel is
ideally positioned to understand your needs and to find and vet the optimal candidate for your key
IT positions.  

Contact us to discuss how Vektrel can address your IT project staffing and strategic placement needs.