Investing in IT Innovation
( Fusions  of  Complementary  Technologies )
At Vektrel, we have invested internally on driving innovation in the area of very high performance, high data
volume SOA solutions with military grade security.  Vektrel is drawing upon lessons learned in demanding DoD and
commercial SOA environments to develop SOA engineering innovations founded upon mainstream, proven,
standards based solution foundations and elements.  Solving the challenge of SOA performance with security
requires addressing multiple problem domains holistically.  Contact Vektrel to discuss how our work with high
performance SOA can help solve your most challenging SOA performance challenges.  
Secure, High
Performance SOA
With SOA based composite applications, the functionality behind one mouse click might
be assembled from multiple service calls.  The promise of SOA demands that the
collective performance overhead of these multiple calls be minimal.  Yet, most SOA
implementations fall well short of this promise.   The reasons for disappointing (and
even unacceptable) SOA composite service call performance are many.   They range from
misleading vendor hype to a focus on product acquisition rather than on SOA
engineering (i.e.: the assumption that a vendor stack equals SOA).  Performance
problems are only compounded as security is layered upon composite service calls.  
Cloud Integration
The vision of transitioning datacenter assets to cloud environments is tempered
by the realities of datacenter-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration.   Although
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platforms abound, none have begun to
adequately address the broad range of integration challenges that are inherent to
cloud migration.   When the scope and scale of the cloud integration challenge is
coupled with the proprietary diversity of cloud vendors, it becomes clear that no
single integration product, platform or strategy will effectively address all cloud
integration issues adequately.   
The world of cloud integration is one comprised of multiple problem domains (e.g.: security "de-perimeterization",
identity / authorization context bridging, data source visibility / accessibility / performance / scaling, SOA service
federation, network infrastructure issues, etc).   Vektrel is drawing upon its commercial and military sector
expertise to evolve secure, effective solutions to this broad range of technical challenges.  Our architects are also
working with cloud vendors (e.g.: Amazon, Verizon, Rackspace, etc) and cloud security and integration vendors to
evolve comprehensive integration landscapes that provide a fusion of optimal capabilities.  Vektrel's IT
professionals are delivering on the promise of cloud asset migration with innovative, standards based integration
solutions that address technical challenges in a holistic manner.  Contact us to discuss how Vektrel can help
ensure the success of your cloud migration strategy.
Intelligent Power Grids
(aka: "Smart Grid")  
North American energy utilities are in a state of transition to the world of
intelligent power grids.  This transition encompasses a broad range of capabilities
and challenges including smart meters, demand / response energy delivery,
decentralized power generation (micro-grids), renewable energy source
assimilation and much more.  This transition ensures that, in the future, energy
utilities will produce, transform and distribute both energy and information.  It
also ushers in an era of challenge and upheaval never seen before in the utility
industry.  Utilities must now transform their datacenter and grid information
landscapes to address a host of new technical and security challenges.  
Mission critical utility assets must now be made accessible and controllable across networks while thousands of
intelligent devices continuously stream ever-growing volumes of sensitive data to utility datacenters.  Utilities
must now extend rock-solid security from the datacenter perimeter to the grid edge while shifting through
continuous data streams to extract actionable information in near real-time.  These realities confront utilities with
unique technical challenges unlike those found in an average IT datacenter.  

Since 2008, Vektrel has worked with utilities, partners and vendors to evolve optimal solutions to the unique IT
engineering challenges facing "Smart Grid" energy utilities.  Vektrel has invested heavily in areas such as
adaptive, transparent grid-edge security, high performance multi-stream message processing, near real-time event
detection and processing, high performance actionable business intelligence and more.  Contact us to discuss how
Vektrel can help provide proven solutions to some of the most difficult IT challenges facing today's energy
Business Intelligence
and Analytics
( Fast, Agile, Cost Effective )
In an increasingly competitive world business climate, business intelligence  and
analytics (BI) have become an essential part of IT value delivery.  Yet, BI
investments have one of the highest failure rates in IT.  Many are destined to
become expensive "shelf-ware".  The reasons are many.

Vektrel is investing in proven, innovative BI engineering techniques and
methodologies that rapidly, and incrementally, deliver highly successful BI
solutions to our clients.  
Enterprise Integration
Through integration, disparate IT elements are woven into cohesive IT
landscapes whose value greatly exceeds the sum of their parts.  Integration
has become the great IT value multiplier.  Within today's dynamic IT
environments, change and evolution are now essential for survival.  

Since integration provides the foundation for accommodating change and
evolution, it has effectively become a cornerstone of IT value delivery.
For this reason, the ability of an IT organization to adapt to
and accommodate change increasingly defines its value to
the business.
When BI solutions are successful, the "wow" factor ensures they become dynamic as users clamour for more and
more new functionality.  Vektrel's BI solutions are designed from the ground up to accommodate rapid, cost
effective evolution.   The same architectural approach that supports rapid evolution also allows Vektrel to deliver  
all BI value as cost effective, rapidly developed and delivered "slices" of BI functionality.  The sooner end users
have BI functionality in their hands to "touch and feel", the sooner your BI investments deliver ROI and begin
evolving into highly valuable, dynamic, agile business assets.  Vektrel's methodologies ensure that the
functionality delivered is exactly what specific user communities need.  This sharp focus on accurate delivery of
high value functionality translates into satisfied users, rapid adoption, healthy user-driven evolution and growing

Additionally, Vektrel is drawing upon its experiences with "Smart Grid" utilities and military applications to address
the emerging need for high performance, near real-time BI.  Our architects are working with vendors and clients to
evolve architectures and solutions that rapidly deliver actionable intelligence in near real-time to decision makers.  
 We look forward to discussing how Vektrel can help ensure the success of your growing BI investments.  
Yet, traditionally, integration has often been viewed as limited to the domain of BPM tools and Web Services and
relegated to the status of a "necessary evil".  As such, integration has often been narrowly budgeted and
implemented as a series of "point solutions" that solve an immediate tactical problem.  Although this perspective
is common, it belies the enormous strategic importance of integration as a critical IT success factor.  It can also
lead to inefficiencies and increased costs.  

At Vektrel, we are evolving a strategic perspective on integration that gradually designs integration capabilities
throughout an IT landscape.   In this manner, change and evolution are efficiently accommodated as a natural
extension of an adaptive IT fabric.  This perspective begins with looking beyond BPM and Web Services and
realizing that integration is a strategic challenge that impacts every facet of IT (e.g.: security, network
infrastructure, information architecture, cloud computing, etc).  Vektrel's enterprise architects are evolving a
strategic approach to integration that gradually and incrementally builds integration capacity into every aspect of
an IT ecosystem.  The result is an "integration fabric" that accommodates change and evolution as an "elastic"
quality of the IT landscape.  Vektrel is working with leading vendors, proven tools and industry standards to bring
this vision into the every day world of IT operations.  

We look forward to discussing how Vektrel can help your organization realize the vision of an "integration fabric"
as an integral part of your IT enterprise.