Smart Grid Solutions
Our Smart Grid engineering initiative is evolving  practical, cost effective architectures that address key
Smart Grid engineering concerns while easily integrating with  existing energy utility grid landscapes.

In early discussions with energy utilities, it became clear that many of Vektrel's commercial and military
sector IT engineering innovations were well positioned to solve some of the most difficult challenges
associated with transitioning utilities to intelligent power grids.   Vektrel's proven expertise with  end-to-
end transparent security solutions, data warehouse / business intelligence solutions, knowledge-driven
information architectures, high performance SOA / Messaging solutions and real-time event-driven
architectures is directly applicable to solving challenges associated with Smart Grid engineering (e.g.:
grid-edge to datacenter security, AMI information accessibility, high performance reporting and analytics,
demand response behavior, high-speed high-volume high-security grid message processing, high volume
data archival, etc).  

Most discussions concerning Smart Grid utility solution architectures offer high-level perspectives that
explore fundamental concepts and challenges in broad terms.  Although high level architectures address
the strategic goals and directions essential to success, realizing these strategic goals requires translating
high level concepts into real-world solution architectures.   Vektrel's Smart Grid initiative translates high
level strategic architectural concepts into tangible, lower-level solution architectures supporting grid-to-
datacenter utility operations on industry standard IT  foundations.

The core elements of Vektrel's Smart Grid solutions can be summarized as follows:   

Smart Grid Information Bus  (SGIB) Solutions - Most energy utility IT landscapes evolve over time
into highly heterogeneous environments.  Diversity in vendor platforms is a reality within utility
datacenters and their intelligent power grids.  There exists a need to bind these heterogeneous
utility assets together through a common, high performance, high security, SOA based information
bus (referred to as an SGIB within this document).  An SGIB provides a common, secure, high
performance, IEC-CIM standards based messaging infrastructure that binds the utility’s
heterogeneous platforms, applications and services into a cohesive Smart Grid IT enterprise.   
Vektrel’s SGIB solutions are designed specifically to provide high performance (near real-time) and
high security while accommodating the growing messaging volumes and message complexity that
are intrinsic to an evolving intelligent power grid.  

End-to-End transparent Security Solutions  -  Vektrel's end-to-end security infrastructures go hand
in hand with the foundational design of our SGIB solutions.    Founded upon industry standard SOA
security standards, our security infrastructures are attack-hardened and fundamentally transparent to
the heterogeneous datacenter and grid elements that it secures.   As such, these solutions imposes
a common, consistent security model on all key assets of an intelligent grid and its datacenter.   
Additionally, they provide central governance over all datacenter and grid resident elements that
they secure.   Central governance includes policy authoring, management and deployment, PKI trust
domain management, etc.

AMI / MDMS / SCADA as Energy Utility Strategic Assets (Vendor Independence) -  Energy
utilities make heavy investments in intelligent grid infrastructure and the vendor applications that
support them.   However, these vendor product suites channel grid information into proprietary data
stores while encapsulating key grid processes in proprietary applications.   As a result, energy
utilities have little access to their AMI / MDMS / SCADA investments beyond the proprietary
interfaces and applications provided by vendors.  Vektrel's approach to Smart Grid engineering seeks
to fundamentally change this equation.  Our solutions treat AMI / MDMS / SCADA information and
functionality as the core strategic assets of the energy utility.   They provide the infrastructure
necessary to gradually migrate the energy utility’s IT strategic systems away from vendor product
centric AMI / MDMS / SCADA process and data foundations to IT foundations focused on addressing
the strategic business needs of the utility.  Vektrel's AMI information solutions coexists peacefully
and transparently alongside any vendor AMI / MDMS / SCADA infrastructures.   

Intelligent Grid Event Detection and Response - Vektrel provides multi-tier, intelligent grid event
detection and response infrastructures that are fundamentally knowledge-driven.    They utilize an
“end-to-end” strategy for intelligent event detection and response and introduce powerful, cost-
effective, intelligent event detection and response at key layers within an overall Smart Grid
implementation architecture.  Our event detection infrastructures ensure these layers work together
to form a cohesive, effective end-to-end event management solution that intelligently detects and
intelligently responds to active or emerging events.  Event detection is multi-tier, transparent, near
real-time and knowledge driven.   Knowledge based event response is at least as important as event
detection.   Our infrastructures apply knowledge foundations to ensure an optimal, cost effective
event response is recommended.  

Knowledge-Driven Demand Response (D / R) - Developing a practical, effective “Demand /
Response” (D/R) capability is a long-term goal at the heart of every Smart Grid investment.   The
essence of this goal is the development of a solution capable of intelligent, real-time re-distribution
of available power across a power grid based upon dynamic grid loading conditions and patterns.   
Any practical, effective D/R solution must be adaptive and agile enough to easily accommodate the
rapid and constant change of evolving intelligent devices and networks.  It must effectively manage
the complexity inherent in the broad diversity of devices and their D/R capabilities and limitations at
every branch of the grid.  It must manage vast amounts of information flow and intelligently perform
data triage.  It must find a practical way of enforcing D/R decisions through all of the grid’s diversity,
inconsistency and complexity.  Lastly, it must have “knowledge” and “understanding” of technical,
business, government and customer contexts of the energy utility to effectively define and execute
meaningful, effective D/R policies.   Vektrel's D/R architectures attack these issues in a manner that
manages complexity and abstracts the datacenter from change, diversity and device issues.  They
also leverage knowledge foundations to draw upon financial, technical, customer, grid topology  and
ISO contexts to yield D/R decisions and commands that effectively address a broad range of issues
and concerns.  

Smart Grid Presentation Infrastructures - By nature, the technical and business systems
supporting a power utility have extensive presentation needs relative to grid visualization, analytic
reporting and dashboards, CRM and more.  Within any larger, heterogeneous IT environment, user
interaction and information presentation becomes an enterprise level challenge.  Applications and
their user interfaces are scattered across multiple heterogeneous platforms utilizing disparate user
interface tools running on numerous, diverse presentation frameworks (e.g.: AMI / MDMS vendor
apps, ERP platforms, BI platforms, reporting dashboards, community collaboration platforms, etc).   
Since user interaction points are typically initial points of authentication and authorization, this
diversity results in a proliferation of both presentation models and security models.  Diversity in
presentation infrastructures also creates a barrier to interoperability and efficiency as UI
functionality is effectively “siloed” within unique presentation frameworks that cannot share
information with each other and cannot expose their UI functionality for reuse.  Within these
constraints, it becomes difficult to rapidly adapt to change by assembling “composite” applications
that incorporate UI functionality from diverse host platforms.   Vektrel addresses these challenges
with a common, cohesive presentation foundation that offers a common security model, application
aggregation, “composable” / reusable UI elements, heterogeneous UI interaction, SSO and more.  

To learn more about the Vektrel's Smart Grid engineering initiative, please use the following contact

Ted Barbusinski
Chief Enterprise / SOA Solutions Architect
Vektrel LLC
Practical, Effective Solutions for Intelligent Power Grid Engineering
Within today’s energy industry marketplace, a
growing number of vendors offer product suites that
address various areas of “Smart Grid” functionality
such as Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI),
Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) and more.  
Although vendor offerings continue to improve, they
often lock critical information and functionality away
in proprietary product suites and fall well short of
addressing key issues that are foundational to any
successful “Smart Grid” utility implementation.  In
early 2008, Vektrel began evolving a set of Smart
Grid solutions  that addressed some of the most
daunting challenges inherent in intelligent power grid