Since 2008, Vektrel has been investing in a Smart Grid initiative
designed to provide architectural solutions that address many of the
concerns energy utilities face in implementing intelligent power grids.  
This effort taps into Vektrel's utility industry knowledge and leverages
our innovations in high performance messaging, knowledge-driven SOA,
event architectures, SOA security architectures and more.  Click
this link
(or the image at the right) to learn more.    
Today, new technologies are transforming the way Information Technology organizations
deliver value.  Vektrel is an IT engineering firm at the forefront of this IT transformation wave.
Our engineering community has earned an exceptional track record for successfully delivering
challenging, mission critical IT solutions with technical excellence in commercial, government
and defense IT sectors.  
  • Public / Private / Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud integration / security
  • Virtualization Technologies
  • Business Web Applications
  • Mobile API / App solutions
  • SOA - High Performance, High Security
  • Enterprise Security - End-to-End
  • Enterprise  Portal  Architectures
  • Business Intelligence / Analytics / DW
  • Data Architecture / Governance
  • Process / Data / Systems Integration
  • Event Driven / Real-Time Integration
Enabling  IT  Transformation
Follow the IT Solutions and Mobile Solutions menus to explore how Vektrel is leveraging these
technology domains to help IT organizations successfully translate strategic plans and
investments into production ready IT systems yielding exceptional ROI.   
Vektrel believes that providing maximum return on strategic IT investments requires more than
expertise in specific technology domains.  Unlocking real value requires understanding how
complementary IT technologies can work together to solve the most difficult engineering
challenges confronting today's IT landscapes.  Follow the links at the sidebar (left) to explore
how Vektrel's architects are driving innovation in IT engineering through fusions of
complementary technology domains.   
Vektrel understands that delivering value and optimal ROI begins with pride in workmanship.  
Our clients have come to understand that Vektrel engineering teams enable their success.  Our
engineering community is comprised of proven, senior IT professionals with an exceptional
commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.   Vektrel fields small teams of proven
professionals that use Agile methodologies to deliver successful, high quality solutions on
time and on budget.  Contact us to discuss how Vektrel can help translate your IT strategic
vision into production reality.  
Vektrel offers extensive solution engineering expertise and experience across the following
transformational IT technology domains